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Make pain a fact of life, NOT the focus of it.

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Welcome to Kroll Care

Compassionate pain management awaits you at Kroll Care, Georgia licensed pain clinic # 350. Our goal is to meet the needs of patients so as to provide them with the opportunity of having a meaningful quality of life. To achieve this we utilize multiple modalities. Unlike many interventional “pain” clinics, KROLL CARE, PC's approach NEVER requires that a patient receive any of these procedures as a condition of obtaining treatment with appropriate medications.

Whether your best treatment will consist of an interventional procedure performed WITH SEDATION in our state of the art procedure room by a physician with more than 30 years experience and/or taking medications (narcotics and non-narcotics) and/or wearing a brace and/or using a Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator, and/or using a topical application, your treatment goals and methods will be decided by you and your provider together.

Kroll Care will be adding new services in the near future to better serve you. We will be adding a physical therapy department, and offering chiropractic care. These services will be located within our present building. We are very excited to have just added an x-ray department. This addition will help us expand our services to care for more acute conditions, not requiring surgery, and not just chronic pain.

Experience You Can Trust

Dr. Kroll has been practicing medicine for 51 years. Along with Dr. Lanier and Dr. Urban, Dr. Kroll and his team have the knowledge to help you with any issue, no matter the size or scope.

We Offer a Variety of Services

We have many different services that we offer to help you improve your daily life. We offer pain management services and hypnosis therapy for mental issues.

You are the Focus

Every patient is unique, and we will you as an individual. At Kroll Care, we take the time to listen to our patients needs and wants to make your care as convenient as possible.

Our Team

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