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Make pain a fact of life, NOT the focus of it.

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Effective Pain Management in Atlanta, GA from Kroll Care

Kroll Care believes in the quote of Hippocrates that states, “Cure sometimes, treat often, comfort always.”

Pain is a complicated, often disturbing medical problem that can cause havoc in on your physical and mental well-being. We, at Kroll Care, have a pain management clinic in Atlanta, GA which offers a comprehensive range of services for patients suffering from acute or chronic pain.

Our team provides some of the world’s most advanced treatment options in a supportive, compassionate environment. Our doctors care for thousands of patients on a daily basis and help them by returning the independence and comfort by restoring their quality of life.

We are committed to delivering personalized care to help improve our patients’ quality of life. We strive to make an early and accurate diagnosis of acute and chronic pain disorders to lessen the physical, financial, emotional, and lifestyle costs of pain. We work with our patients to obtain the best possible results and help them, and their families understand the cause of their pain and learn ways to manage it.

What To Expect During First Visit?

You will be evaluated initially by one of our physicians who will gather relevant information through imaging tests like X-ray, MRI, CT-Scan, and a physical exam. After collecting data about your pain history and pain examination, one of our back-pain specialists will discuss options for treatment and answer your questions.

What Is The Course Of Treatment?

We perform an initial consultation and then decide on the best course of treatment. It may include injections, opioid medications, physical therapy, hypnosis therapy, chiropractic upper back pain treatment, etc. We will recommend certain pain medications, especially once you have achieved a stable dose of a drug. We strive to schedule injections after the initial consultation.

We offer a variety of services to alleviate the pain and make your body functions effectively.

Pain Management:

Our pain management consultants treat all types of pain, including musculoskeletal, spinal and neuropathic pain disorders. With the help of our state-of-the-art technology, provide a better diagnosis to prepare the treatment plan. We hope to help patients avoid spiralling into a state of chronic pain, or at least reduce the severity of pain, and improve patients’ quality of life. We provide minimally invasive procedures and ensure proper opioid pain medication to help you treat your ailments.

Note: In March 2016, the CDC published “Guidelines for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain.” Since then, in response to the tragic overdose deaths and the addiction to opioids of thousands of Americans, governmental bodies, legislative as well as executive, at all levels as well as health insurers, national pharmacy chains, and individual pharmacists have exerted profound pressures to limit the amounts of opioids being prescribed. Moreover, there is mounting scientific evidence that the risks of true addiction, the effects on hormones, the euphoria and clouding effects on brain function, opioid caused constipation, and the compromising of respiration may be dose-related.

Hypnosis Therapy:

Hypnotherapy is an amalgamation of hypnosis and therapeutic intervention. The therapist leads the patient to positive change while the patient is in a trance (a deeply relaxed in a state of heightened suggestibility). It is a proven therapeutic procedure that can be a highly effective form of treatment for many mental, psychosomatic, and physical disorders. We use this technique for the patients suffering from chronic pain so that he/she can be taught to control the pain without the use of medications. Moreover, it is also useful to stop self-destructive and addictive habits like smoking, drug addiction.

Physical Therapy:

We have an expert team of physical therapists focused on reducing pain and help you function, move, and live better. We help patients during various conditions to improve movement or ability, recover from a sports injury, manage a chronic illness like diabetes, heart disease, or arthritis, etc. Our upper back pain treatment is beneficial in treating ailments related to the spine.

Chiropractic Services:

Our chiropractic medical practice has the potential to treat problems with the musculoskeletal system. Its primary focus is spine care. Our chiropractors perform various hand adjustments on the spine to align it back. We provide the best upper back pain treatment to help the patients relive from unwanted pain.

Morphine Equivalents Medication

Daily Morphine Equivalents

The relative potency of opioid medications are calculated in Daily Morphine Equivalents (ME’s). This allows a comparison to the medication “load” from medication to medication. There are some variations among the many conversion calculators but all agencies now use some form of ME. Here are examples of relative ME’s: read more

Kroll Care Expanded Laboratory Testing Capability

Kroll Care has expanded it’s laboratory testing capability

We are now able to offer complete blood testing in our in-house laboratory. This is in addition to our existing urine drug testing laboratory which gives us control of the process without having to ship specimens out.

Kroll Care’s Focus - Patient

You are the Focus

Every patient is unique, and we will you as an individual. At Kroll Care, we take the time to listen to our patients needs and wants to make your care as convenient as possible.

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Daily Morphine Equivalents

The relative potency of opioid medications are calculated in Daily Morphine Equivalents (ME’s). This allows a comparison to the medication “load” from medication to medication. There are some variations among the many conversion calculators but all agencies now use some form of ME.

Here are examples of relative ME’s.:

Oxycodone 60 mg/day = 90 ME.  100 mg/day = 150 ME

Methadone 20 mg/day = 80 ME; 21 mg = 168 ME; 30mg/day = 240 ME; 50 mg/day = 500 ME

Hydromorphone (Dilaudid) 22 mg/day = 88 ME.  37.5 mg/day = 150 ME

Fentanyl transdermal patch 37.5 mcg/hr. for 3 days = 90 ME.  62.5 mcg/hour = 150 ME

Morphine and hydrocodone, 90 mg/day = 90 ME.  150 mg/day = 150 ME

Tramadol 900 mg/day = 90 ME.

Belbuca 300 mcg/day = 9ME; 600 mcg/day = 18ME; 1.8 mg/day [maximum dose] = 54ME

Medicare has announced that beginning January 1, 2019, opioid amounts greater than 90 Daily Morphine Equivalents (ME) will not be automatically approved and we fully expect other insurers to follow suit.