Kroll Care has added chiropractic care to its chronic pain management treatments. David Peyroux, D.C. has been a part of the team since mid-2017.

Currently, his principal duties are to examine every patient, old and new. He will evaluate each for the nature of their pain and will take x-rays, if indicated, to aid in the identifying the current status of bone, joint and spine conditions. He will review and explain the X-ray findings with each patient at a follow-up visit.

Using the information gathered from his exams he will share his findings with the other providers so as to optimize the Kroll Care treatment regimen.

Dr. “Dave” is also an expert custom brace fitter and he will be evaluating the patient for the dispensing of an appropriate brace.

He will also initiate passive physical therapy treatment and recommend home exercises for selected patients.

Lastly, Dr. Peyroux offers chiropractic adjustments for identified patients.