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David M. Peyroux

Dr. Peyroux was recruited to play rugby by Life University, where he played from 1992-1995. He was fortunate enough to have played internationally, representing the United States against other countries.

His passion for sports and athletics lead him to that special niche in his profession. Enhanced performance through alternative Chiropractic therapies, exercise and nutrition.

After holding 3 different state Licenses, in his career, Dr. Peyroux calls Atlanta his home. Over 10 years ago after fleeing from Hurricane Katrina, he moved to Georgia and presently lives in the Cherokee County area.

He is passionate about HealthCare and enhancing performance with integrated healthcare, where various disciplines of healthcare are used together. He has worked with medical doctors for the past ten years. He notes, that the diverse connection between different providers will expedite a patient’s healing time.

“In this model, the patient is actively choosing the type of care that he or she receives by making the best decision with the medical team.” he asserts. In the past 20 years Dr. Peyroux was trained in Thompson Drop, Brimhall Wellness, and Diversified techniques. Low Force techniques such as the activator method and arthrostim. He works on extremity treatments, such as Osteoarthritis of the Knees. He has also performed Manipulation Under Anesthesia.

Dr. Peyroux has studied Colossus, and has treated personal injury cases, such as car accident traumas and worker’s compensation injuries.

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