Introduction to Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind, a form of dissociation in which the conscious mind is so focused on one thing that it ignores everything else. When you are hypnotized your unconscious mind takes over and operates automatically. All that the hypnotist does is to call up this natural state when required instead of waiting for it to happen at random. When you are in hypnosis your mind is more open to suggestion, that is why you can easily stop smoking, lose weight or get more confidence.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. If you wish to be hypnotized, no power on earth can stop you. If you do not wish to be hypnotized, you will not be.

What happens in a hypnosis session?

The hypnotist will sit you in a comfortable chair and after checking that you are ready will then begin an induction. The induction is a form of words designed to lead you into a relaxing and comfortable trance. Although you are deeply relaxed you are actively involved in the process. In hypnotherapy, you are not a passive observer. You are always aware of what is going on and following what the hypnotist is saying.

Once in trance the hypnotist will guide you in making the changes you want. At all times, you will be aware of what is going on and you can talk, move and even come out of trance if you want to. You will be pleasantly relaxed, and you will be able to hear a telephone ring or traffic outside, but in the trance state your mind will dismiss these things as of no importance. You will normally remember everything that was said, and you will not lose control.

At the end of the session the hypnotist will bring you out of trance again, usually including suggestions that you are feeling great. You will come out of trance feeling refreshed and alert.

What is Hypnosis Like?

Most people find the experience of hypnosis very enjoyable. Trance is like a state of deep relaxation. Your mind becomes detached from everyday cares and concerns. In trance, nothing seems to matter. You feel you don't have anything to do, anything to worry about. You are aware of the hypnotist's voice, of things around you, but you do not pay attention to them.

There is no right or wrong way to experience hypnosis. Some people go into trance and report feeling deeply relaxed and sinking into the chair, others report a light airy feeling of drifting or flying. For most people, once you are deep in trance you feel a lovely luxurious ease, and you can choose to forget about everything, detach completely from your surroundings, disconnect from your body and just exist in a timeless formless state until called back. Kroll care offers the best Hypnosis Therapy Services in Atlanta Georgia.

Is Hypnosis Therapy Useful to Quit Smoking?

Smoking cessation hypnosis is a valuable tool for achieving rapid behavior changes. One of the most dramatic changes that can occur is with smoking cessation. Smoking is harmful to your health in many ways, but you may not realize how much it can increase your pain. At Kroll Care we use hypnosis for many conditions but the most common is to help you stop smoking, usually in just one session.

Hypnosis sessions are held, by appointment only, on Friday or Saturday when no other activity is taking place in the office. The session will usually last between 50 and 70 minutes. When it is over you will, most likely, leave as a non-smoker. The fee is $250 and a non-refundable deposit to hold your appointment of $150 is required. If, by chance, you later require a little touch-up, there is no extra charge for a 2nd session.

Please read the information on hypnosis found elsewhere on the website. If you are interested in availing hypnosis therapy to quit smoking, ask for the smoking cessation packet at the front desk or request that we send it to you in the mail or by e-mail. The service is open to anyone and you need not be a patient of Kroll Care to stop your smoking now. It is the single Hypnosis Therapy Services in Atlanta Georgia that offers this service.

Because of limited time, other behaviors are not currently being treated with hypnosis.